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clothing manufacturer sourcing company
clothing manufacturer sourcing company
Range of products and new lines

We deal in a continuously evolving range of trendy and conventional fabrics and garments products, and are offered new lines daily by prestigious European brands including casual and lounge wear, jeans, woven tops, knitwear, shirts, T-shirts and jackets, women’s lingerie, nightwear etc.

We supply top quality products from the clothes manufacturers in Bangladesh, India and China to the clothing wholesalers in UK and around the world with competitive prices.

As one of the Clothing Sourcing in UK, CRS Business deals with the UK clothes wholesalers also catering corporate clothing and uniforms for companies, schools, charities and even to individuals.

CRS Business closely monitors the garments factories in Bangladesh and China- our two major garments supplier countries to improve the quality of working environment in those countries. In that way we make sure that all the products are quality checked and ethically supported.
clothing manufacturer sourcing company
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