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CRS Business understands the significance of reasonable pricing in today’s competitive market and therefore been able to offer our customers the category of prices they wish for. We are making this possible by using large sourcing control and manufacturing setups.

We provide customers with an outstanding and bespoke service which results in the most widespread garments and textile sourcing service experience with definite quality and competitive pricing. Our business team keeps on sourcing new clothes to offer our customers more capacities.

CRS Business is an exclusive gents and ladies clothing suppliers in the UK. We believe in keeping our customers up to date with the latest garments and textile sourcing trends.

At CRS Business, customer satisfaction is our top priority, because your success is our success. We offer one-stop textile garments sourcing solution across our online and face-to-face channels which are specialized to save your time.
We provide the following services to the customers:
  • All areas of textile and garments sourcing to fulfil the need of both local retailer and clothing wholesalers
  • Product development
  • Production management
  • Consultation
  • Quality assurance
  • Market intelligence
  • Legislative compliance
  • Logistical support services
  • Pattern design
  • Quality assurance and inspection
  • Coordinated buyer visits to factories
  • Garment construction
  • In-house technical support
  • Garments and textile supply
  • Supplier relations
  • Order tracking
  • Work in progress reports
  • Documentation and global distribution
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CRS Business committed to serve the customers within the frames of reliability, responsibility, creativity and flexibility through supply chain.

To contact us for a quote, please Contact CRS Business | email: